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Doodle3D Transform

Doodle3D Transform is a new app that makes 3D design easy

Doodle3D Transform 1.0 now available on Apple Appstore

[Oktober 3, 2017]

After a successful Kickstarter campaign Doodle3D has released its Transform 1.0 app in Apple’s Appstore where it can now be downloaded. The Transform App is free to try and an in-app purchase to unlock the 3D printing, saving and other export options is available for the price of 29,95 Euro (~35 dollars USD).

Over the past few weeks since releasing version 1.0 as a web-app more than a 1000 new users have signed up for Doodle3D Transform. With the launch of the Appstore app Doodle3D hopes to welcome a new audience to its entertaining and creative 2D-to-3D design experience.

A select few tools have been added to the accessible 2D-to-3D app. Measurements now let you set the physical dimensions of your designs, a cutout and grouping tool were also added.

You can sign up for the free version and start designing today, or try the Appstore app.

Doodle3D Transform is now available at doodle3d.com.


Transform 1.0 nu downloadbaar in Apple Appstore

[Oktober 3, 2017]

Na een succesvolle Kickstarter campagne heeft Doodle3D haar Transform 1.0 web app ook beschikbaar gemaakt als downloadbare Appstore app.

Transform is gratis om uit te proberen en met een in-app betaling kunnen de 3D print, export and save opties uitgebreid worden voor de prijs van eenmalig 29,95 Euro.

Over de afgelopen paar weken sinds het lanceren van de webversie van de app hebben meer dan 1000 nieuwe gebruikers zich voor de dienst aangemeld. Met de lancering van de Appstore app hoopt Doodle3D binnenkort een nieuw publiek te mogen verwelkomen in de online community voor 3D.

Een select aantal tools zijn recentelijk toegevoegd. Zo kun je nu met afmetingen werken en zijn een cut-out en groepeer functie toegevoegd in de toegankelijke 2D-naar-3D app.

Meld je aan op www.doodle3d.com om de gratis versie uit te proberen en start vandaag met ontwerpen in 3D, of download the Appstore app.

Doodle3D Transform is nu beschikbaar via www.doodle3d.com


Doodle3D releases Transform 1.0 application

[August 15, 2017]

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Doodle3D celebrates the closing of its beta track and release of the 1.0 version of the Transform application on the 15th of August, 2017. Transform makes 3D design accessible and fun for everyone.

Transform is an online design tool for 3D printing with a splitscreen 2D-to-3D layout. A powerful and easy to use interface letting you turn your 2D drawings into 3D designs. Users can now sign up for a free of paid account to the online tool, and 3D printer owners can use the WiFi-Box to print directly from Transform to their 3D printer.

3D design has never been this easy and accessible before. Transform was crowdfunded in October of 2016 through Kickstarter and has now finished its campaign development with the release of 1.0 and the integration between the WiFi-Box and Transform.

The 3D printing industry has seen dynamic shifts over the past 3 years with many companies increasingly orienting towards the industrial and professional market, while simultaneously we have witnessed a sharp price drop for 3D printers. While some promising projects did not work out and were overly ambitious, there are now multiple 300 USD 3D printers available that are generally described as robust and easy-to-use by their users. Prices have come down for new potential owners, but in order for these new owners to get beyond downloading existing models and truly tap into the potential of 3D printers, they need accessible 3D design tools that are easy to start with.

What is more fun than drawing things from ones own imagination and seeing them turned into a physical form? Doodle3D’s Transform tool is the answer to this challenge. With its unique 2D to 3D approach, Transform sets itself apart from primitives-based modelling tools like Tinkercad and voxel-based modelling like 3DSlash.

The scan-and-trace tool allows you to use the camera on your tablet and shoot a photo to use as a starting point for your drawing, auto-tracing an outline on the photographed shape. Additionally you can easily download images from the web as starting points for drawings and designs.

Transform is the 2nd product of software company Doodle3D that launched the WiFi-Box in 2013, when the company was founded by Rick Companje and Nico van Dijk. For the first time ever, the WiFi-Box allowed tablet and pc users to wirelessly send 3D designs to a 3D printer and print them out in a matter of minutes, by making use of the original Sketch app of Doodle3D that comes delivered with the WiFi-Box.

Transform was successfully funded on Kickstarter in October 2016 to the tune of €68.000 and 1626 backers have had access to a beta version of Transform. As of august 15th, the beta is concluded and Transform gained 1.0 status.

Transform is now also compatible with Doodle3D’s WiFi-Box, allowing you to prepare and slice your print directly in Transform before you send it off to your compatible 3D printer over WiFi.

Transform is directly available via a browser. It has a number of export options, including direct exports to external services like Shapeways, 3D Hubs and Sketchfab. Users can now sign up for Doodle3D Transform at doodle3d.com


  • Free - Try out Transform for free - This version includes limitations related to save and export functionalities.
  • Creator License - €29,95 - Lifetime access to the Transform tool for personal use.
  • WiFi-Box + Creator License of Transform bundle - €119,95 - Lifelong access to Transform for personal use and receive all the benefits of printing wirelessly to compatible 3D printers through Transform, the original Sketch app, or our new Cura plug-in.
  • Educational Workshop License - €195,00 - Annual license to log in with up to 10 users simultaneously
  • Educational Classroom License - €495,00 - Annual license to log in with up to 40 users simultaneously


Appstore trailer YouTube

Short video about Doodle3D Transform YouTube, Vimeo

Video introducing the 3D-Print feature in Doodle3D Transform YouTube

Doodle3D Transform showcase YouTube



There are far more images available for Doodle3D, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Awards & Recognition

  • "Kickstarter for Doodle3D WiFi-Box + Sketch" - Successfully funded April 2013
  • "Kickstarter for Doodle3D Transform" - Successfully funded October 2016

What people say about Doodle3D

  • "Thank you very much. I've been playing around with the design software for a few days now. Really impressed with it functionality. Created, downloaded, sliced and printed a design. Everything was flawless!"
    - Michael, on Kickstarter
  • "Played a bit with the tool, awesome! Doodling a plane like in the campaign still requires mastering the tool though :-)"
    - Charles, on Kickstarter
  • "I have been LOVING the Transform tool. I have done a few workshops with kids ages 5-7, and they have found it super engaging, fun, and interesting. They have really enjoyed seeing their 2D drawings come to life. I have found that working with clay as an introduction to thinking about how we design in 3D to be quite valuable as a starting point. That way, when they begin using Transform, they have a reference point of what something will feel like, look like, etc. in 3 dimensions."
    - Liza, Maker Educator at KID-Museum, USA

Sign up link for Doodle3D Transform
Users can try Doodle3D for free at transform.doodle3d.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Rick Companje
Co-Founder, Tech Director

Nico van Dijk
Co-Founder, Business Director

Peter Uithoven
Software Development

Casper Lamboo
Software Development

Jeroen Somers
Support and Technology

Donna Schipper
Design and Interaction

Simon Voordouw
Software Development

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